We Cut The Cord

Cable Freedom

Woohoo. We finally cut the cord with Comcast. Well, actually, we shaved the cord. That means we cut back our cable package drastically. We went from $190 a month to just over $100 a month, so we are now saving about $80 each month. We prepared for this eventful day by setting up TiVo so […]

My Cord Cutting Channel Guide

TV Tuner

We are finally going to give Comcast back their cable boxes, strip down to basic cable, and start using a TiVo instead of renting a box. I am able to stream most of the shows I watch on Netflix and Hulu already, but there are a few I can’t. For that I must go to […]

Our Cord Cutting Game Plan

Cord Cutting

We reached a decision on cord cutting, or actually, cord shaving, because were not actually cutting out cable altogether. We have decided to keep the Internet service and cut back to a limited basic package with Comcast. We also plan to keep the TiVo box as our cable box to eliminate the equipment rental. Yes, […]

Adventures In Cord Cutting And Cord Shaving

Cable Freedom

We have been trying to cut our Cable bill to a more manageable amount. But what to leave out. We have our favorite channels which all seem to be in the upper tier, and that is without the Premium channels, like HBO. Pricey. There are several possibilities that we have come up with. We are […]

Tardis Quilt

Tardis Quilt

This is the Tardis Quilt I have been working on. I’m about 2/3 done with the front. I think it will be too long, though so I may have to leave off the last row. We will see. Yes, Michael. It has been that long since I have updated this blog.

Settling In 2

Well, it has been awhile, but I am finally getting dug out of most of the boxes and have a good portion of the improvements made.  We still need to paint, carpeting has been put on the back burner. However, we Did install some of those solar tubes (a really cool kind of skylight that […]

New Gardening Adventures

Well, we are now in our new home, which had also belonged to a gardener before us. The garden was one of the things that attracted me to this house in the first place. It is now near the beginning of March and already I have some spring flowers blooming…snowdrops, crocuses and some miniature irises. […]

Woohoo!! I Finally Got Moved Into My New House!!

After a crazy two weeks of getting the movers to get our stuff, waiting for the sale to close on our new home, getting moved in and having to go back to work in another state to train my work replacement, I am Finally moved in and settling down a bit. We have workmen in […]

Winter Gardening In The Midst of Chaos – Still

We are on the home stretch with our move and I am still gardening away. This last weekend, I decided that the landscape job still needed some cleanup, so I went out hosed down the muddy pathways, and the rocks in the culvert and moved some of the rocks. There were also a couple of […]