A Hard Day Gardening

Well, we are finally getting around to doing garden clean-up.  Last fall was too rainy, last spring was still too rainy.  Late sping we didin’t want to disturb the beautiful flowers blooming in the garden.  So here we are, early summer and the weeds have taken over and we are trying to get the house ready for sale.  I have to say that I have been very good at making some serious headway in a week. 

Today, we had someone over to do some pruning of out of countrol shrubs.  Soon, I will have the hardy geraniums and daiseys cut back, and I can start working on getting some nice annuals in to spiff up the place and lay down some beauty bark to finish it off.  I have even gone against my usual aversion to weed killers and gotten some Round-Up.  (Yes, it does have it’s place, and is less harmful and less long lasting than many other weed killers.) 

Fortunately, we have a small lot and don’t need a power mower and only have a push mower.  So, we will see how it turns out!