Adventures With Feedburner

Well I finally decided to figure out how to add Feedburner to my blog.  (Yes, it will be nice if someone likes my blog and wants to subscribe!)

So, downloaded the plugin and moved it with FTP to my plugin section of WordPress on my server. Then,  I proceeded to install it and activate it in my plugin’s menu within the WordPress Admin Panel.  Then, I set out to configure it.  Not quite so easy!  Google’s directions noted setting it up within the “Options Menu”–I could not find Anything that said “Options”.  I finally found instructions that were a little more clear on another website and proceeded to do the actual setup.

As you can see, it is working.  I set up the feeds for both “Content” and “Comments” and copied the chicklet thingie to my Template.  Wala!  I have links to my feeds!!  Feel free to subscribe to them.  Enjoy!!