Do, Do, Do, Lookin’ Out My Back Door!

It’s Sunday, two days after the 4th of July and here I am finally relaxing from the guests and the craziness of fixing food for a cast of thousands (6 actually).  So, here I am sitting out on the patio, watching a juvenile Bald Eagle fly overhead, and listening to a motorize flying machine also fly overhead.  The kitties are roaming, birds are chirping, food is still in the fridge, I’m finally relaxing….life is good!

So here I sit, with my computer fiddling with a few of my websites and typing a laid back entry into my blog.  I’m trying not to think about having to go back to work tomorrow, and only enjoy the day!!  I find the tune to a CCR song run through my head –“Looking Out My Back Door” –haven’t seen elephants dancing on the lawn though!  Enjoy your day!!