Freaked Out Kitties!

It’s July 4th and for the past three days people have been setting off fireworks, freaking out my kitties. Two years ago I finally got some Rescue Remedy (a homeopathic Bache Flower mixture). I have been adding it to their water and it does seem to calm them and keep them from getting so scared of the firecrackers. I can say this, my cats aren’t going out doors past noon today!


  1. says

    I know what you mean. My cat has a cupboard she goes to every time it storms, and now she has been in there all night because of the fireworks going off in the neighborhood.

  2. lionmom100 says

    Well, my kitties have survived the day. The fireworks seem to be over now. Around 10PM was pretty hairy….the poor things were just clustered together right by me. They are still sticking like glue!