Gardening My Way Out Of The Chaos – Or There IS Light At The End Of The Tunnel

New on the homefront. The sale of my house seems to be sticking – the buyer signed off on the last contingency the other day. AND The landscaper finally finished putting in the new sod. The results are terrific. (Yes, they Can lay sod in my Zone 8 location in winter, although we did have some pretty nasty weather at the start of the project.)

The house we are moving to has a very nice garden as well, but, of course, I have some favorite plants that I have wanted to take with me. So I have been digging up plants I want to take, making divisions of others, repotting some things that could take a smaller pot, and unpotting some of the bulbs to make them easier to transport. We have dozens of things we are taking, yet still leaving behind lots and lots of plants. I have a friend who is fostering some of the plants until I can get moved into my new home in Oregon.

In repotting some of the plants into smaller pots, I was able to dump some of the soil into spots that needed it. Some of the bulbs I removed from pots had so much growth on them that I left them there. We have some very nice strawberries, that I want to take some of. I plan to dig up about half of the strawberries and leave the rest for the new owner. These were no-name strawberries that are some of the best I have ever had.

Now will come the challenge of what to do with the plants on the other end. The woman we bought the house from is a gardener too, and I will need to find places for my things. Such a problem! But this is the kind of problem I like!!! Maybe we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel after all.