Gotta Love Jerusalem!

Yes, my vacation in Israel is well underway.  I have now been to Jerusalem for the third time since I have been here.  This time to finish my shopping for gifties for friends and family.  This time it took me only about an hour to do it all.  Visited same shop that I have gotten things in before.  I also got to see an old friend I have known for 40 years and find that her daughter will be in a supervisory position where my granddaughter will be doing hospital public service as an alternative to the army next year.  My granddaughter thinks she already met her too.  I told her to mention the connection I have to her mother.

Yesterday, we went to the stagaltite caves near Beit Shemesh (between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem). This is the second time I have been.  They are very pretty!!

Just one day away from the start of the BarMitzvah activities.  We have all of our clothes ready and my grandson has his speech ready.  We are really looking forward to it!!