Happy Halloween From Me And The Kitties

Hi All,
Well all is quiet now that the goblins have gone up and down our street with wide eyes, open bags and the ancient chant of “Trick Or Treat”! Not too many came this year because of the weather, but a few brave souls ventured out. Still, I do have candy left over…I hope not for me to eat….needs to go to the hungry souls at work.

My kitties only got to go outside for a short time this morning. I am concerned about someone harming a cat on Halloween, especially my black kitty. So I only let them out early in the day on Halloween and the day after. The rain was a little too much for them anyway, so they quickly returned.

Some thoughts about Halloween: We did very little this year although this is one of my favorite holidays. Too much going on with the sale of the house and all.

A shameless and scary plug goes out for my sister’s blog: Hollywood Ripper for everything Ripper in film and print (reviews, comments and the like) A virtual pat also goes out to her kitty, Rusty, from his other mother.