Living On The Cheap – Home Staging

Home staging is the fine art of making your home look like it is everyone’s dream home so they will make that offer. You have a minimalist approach to furnishing and decorating to enhance the space but get buyers to picture themselves living there. So you depersonalize, declutter, remove unnecessary furniture, and bring in a neutral color palate with color punches where possible in pursuit of that goal. Moving outside, you make sure the home has curb appeal, so you tweak and clean up the landscape.

My previous post was about our adventures with our home sale and some of the difficulties we are encountering in the curb appeal/garden environment. I talked about the prima donna landscaper who gave us sticker shock with his estimate for work we wanted done outside.

I took a good look to evaluate what we really needed and where we could save money on the same job.
1) I didn’t need a landscape contractor for this job for the big bucks, because I am not doing a landscape makeover.
2) I really needed good working gardener who is hands on with some sense of design and knowledge of what works. (The person the landscape contractor would contract to actually do work such as this.)
3) I am able to contribute to some degree in design my own work (keeping in mind that it is getting colder – we are currently having a cold snap 15 degrees at night. Last week the night temp was 45 degrees).

All of these factors would save us some money. We have another bid coming in which I think is more in keeping with the above principles. I don’t yet know where his bid will come in, but I think it will be more doable.