Living On The Cheap

If you hve been reading this blog, you know that I have been trying to sell my house. This is going rather slowly, but we have been getting a lot more traffic than before, which is good news. What is happening now is that since we are relocating; I am leaving my job the end of January; and we have already been looking for a house in the new area. We have found something, and have made an offer that has been accepted.

This is very scary, since we have not yet sold our home. Our options are to continue trying to sell, rent out our current house or back out of a good job and come back. The last is not an option. The first option is the best one. Renting out our house is not our first choice, but may be what we need to do. We will need to take a gap loan to make this happen and will need to do some real belt cinching.

The thought is crazy making. I kept going through my mind what are some of the ways we can do this and still manage to have a life. I started thinking of all the ways we can do what we do now more cheaply and came up with a bunch of stuff.

So here goes! Some of my thoughts on living on the cheap:
. Coupon saving (we already do, but now we will need to do even more)
. Skip the latte – Dust off that home made latte machine and actually use it! Heck, I even thought of putting the money we would save making our own lattes into an envelope and then use it at the end of the month on something else.
. Skip the scones – Similar strategy. Make my own and freeze them. Then bring them out with a latte and bank the money we would save.
. Homemade cleaning liquids. They are a Lot cheaper than bought And most are non-toxic. ie. toothpaste as jewelry cleaner, baking soda to scour your sink, etc (I will write more later)
. Use compact flourescent bulbs – They save more electricity than incandescent. There are new high intensity LED light bulbs now, but they are rather pricey and not readily available. However, I think they will save money in the long run on electricity.
. Fill your gas tank in the morning. – It is cooler and you can get more gas in the tank.
. Hypermiling – Keep your hybrid car on cruise control to avoid a lot of acceleration which eats up gas and toggle the speed control with the up/down toggle.
. Find discount codes online for items you want to purchase. (I just saved $15 off an order I placed with Lands End by using an online discount code.)
. Consider a hybrid car. It is a little more expensive than a non-hybrid. However, tax rebates are available, depending on the model; and the savings on gas the pretty good.
. Weatherstip and caulk your windows.

Well, this is what I can think of right now, since it is 11 at night and I am fading. More to come.