My House Sale Saga – Again, Still!

One more installment in my house sale saga. We seem to be getting lookers, but no offers. So we keep going back to the drawing board. Why is no one offering? The house is spotless, large open floor plan, beautiful garden… why no offers? The market is one reason, it is truly a buyer’s market with lots to choose from and an economy in a recession and housing in a depression. Another reason, we thought could be a problem, is that we are major gardeners and not everyone else is. There is possibly too much garden for people to want to take care of, and that sentiment has been voiced by some lookers.

So, what do we do about this? One possibility is to reduce the number and size of our planting beds. We have neither the energy nor the time to do this ourselves, so we need to get someone to do it. Our realtor just sent a fellow over to give us a bid. In our minds we can get this done with $500-$800. Well the fellow she sent is a landscaper so he comes in with a big bucks estimate at well more than twice that amount. Can you say ChaChing? After the sticker shock we started talking to him about what could we accomplish with approximately the amount we have set aside, to which he launched into a justification of his talents, business practices and why he deserves the amount he is asking for. Needless to say, we decided that we really don’t want to deal with a prima donna, let alone not being able to afford him. So we are looking elsewhere.

Someone a neighbor had recommend to us came the next day. He couldn’t have been nicer. I don’t know yet what his bid will come in at, but he seemed understand of our price limitations and seemed willing to work with us. I think that even if he comes in higher than we feel we can afford, if he is in the ballpark, we will try to see how far we can actually stretch.