New Category Suggestion – Balancing It All!

This category was suggested by Bunny, who like so many of us is trying to figure how to balance learning new things about site building, coping with information overload and actually building the sites themselves.  I think it is a good topic since so many of us are in the same boat.  We have a few gurus out there, but a lot of us are newbies trying to learn how to “do it all” and not go nuts.

As I mentioned to Bunny, my primary method of coping is to learn only as much as I need to complete a task, do it and then go on to the next step.  The upside is that I lessen the likelihood that I will bite off too much at any one time.  The down side is that “the big picture” is not so apparent.

There are several different learning styles, and mine is only one of them.  I would like to hear from others about how you balance learning how to do a task with actually doing it.