New Gardening Adventures

Well, we are now in our new home, which had also belonged to a gardener before us. The garden was one of the things that attracted me to this house in the first place. It is now near the beginning of March and already I have some spring flowers blooming…snowdrops, crocuses and some miniature irises. This is a Lot earlier than the first spring flowers in Washington…about three to four weeks earlier!

I find that they prune roses beginning now…again, about a month earlier than in Washington…and setting out peas…and a variety of other garden tasks!!

I am seeing that all kinds of things are coming up in the garden…lots of tulips and daffodils (none blooming yet). The clematises are already sending out shoots. And there are a whole bunch of things I am not sure what they are, but I have some ideas. The woman who owned the house before us gave us a partial plant list, which is nice. What will be just as nice will be the surprises. I am really looking forward to that!!!

I am still not sure just where to plant some of the things I brought with me, partly because I don’t yet know what ground is already in use and partly because I don’t know the summer sun patterns. I do want to get my strawberries in soon, so we can have some berries this summer. Some of the other things may just have to wait until after spring has progressed a little and after I get these roses pruned.

Ah, yes, it Will be a new gardening adventure!!