My House Sale Saga – Again, Still!

One more installment in my house sale saga. We seem to be getting lookers, but no offers. So we keep going back to the drawing board. Why is no one offering? The house is spotless, large open floor plan, beautiful garden… why no offers? The market is one reason, it is truly a buyer’s market […]

Living On The Cheap

If you hve been reading this blog, you know that I have been trying to sell my house. This is going rather slowly, but we have been getting a lot more traffic than before, which is good news. What is happening now is that since we are relocating; I am leaving my job the end […]

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi Everyone, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!! I am lucky enough to not have to cook this year. We have wrangled an invitation for a bird and all the trimings and good company to boot. I plan to make some of my rolls tonight though. Be back Friday!!

Update On My Home Sale

Well, it has been awhile since I talked about my house. It is going slowly. My luck was to list the house just before the housing bubble burst and it has been sitting there for two months with only a few showings and no offers. Our broker has been after us to drop the price […]

Happy Halloween From Me And The Kitties

Hi All, Well all is quiet now that the goblins have gone up and down our street with wide eyes, open bags and the ancient chant of “Trick Or Treat”! Not too many came this year because of the weather, but a few brave souls ventured out. Still, I do have candy left over…I hope […]

Updated Efforts To Sell House

I am trying to use some traffic generation methods to sell my house.  Some of the things I have done are write about it here in my blog.  I have a Lens on Squidoo. I have also been posting it on Craig’s List and USFreeAds. I am also Tweeting my efforts on Twitter. This is […]

Oye Vey!

This market is driving me crazy.  Stocks are down, up, down some more.  My stock portfolio is disappearing then reappearing then disappearing again.  My house, which I am trying to sell, is getting few showings.  What’s a girl to do?  Fear says to get the hey out, common sense says to stay the course and […]

I’m Selling My House In Olympia WA – A Really Shameless Plug!

Hey All, I am making a Really Shameless Plug about selling my house in Olympia Washington. If you live near here or are considering living here, check out my house. The house is beautiful! See the pictures at – My House Pictures for the full information. I am listed with Mary Sears, a Broker with […]

Is Anyone Using Twitter?

I recently opened a Twitter account at the behest of my son.  I have seen that some of you have “Follow Me On Twitter” postings on your websites and blogs.  I don’t have much experience with it yet and would be interested in finding out what experiences you have had with it and how you […]

A Great Firefox Plugin – SEO Quake

For you Firefox users, I have found a really great plugin. SEO Quake Plugin for Firefox This little plugin adds a toolbar to your browser that gives information on PR – page rank, Alexa ratings, age of page, Whois information, links, keyword density and more. See the toolbar (or at least a portion of it […]

I’m Baaack!

Well, I am finally back from Israel.  My grandson did wonderfully with his Bar Mitzvah portion–thank you very much!!! (What else would a proud grandma say?!)  I really had a good time, but I am still jet-lagged.  Still, I had to go back to work today — for one day this week.  (At least, I have […]

Gotta Love Jerusalem!

Yes, my vacation in Israel is well underway.  I have now been to Jerusalem for the third time since I have been here.  This time to finish my shopping for gifties for friends and family.  This time it took me only about an hour to do it all.  Visited same shop that I have gotten […]

First Free Day On Vacation

Well, I’m in the Middle East….Israel to be exact.  The Sabbath is over and the sun has just come up on Sunday.  I plan on maybe going into Jerusalem to go shopping or to the beach or to the stalagmite caves near my son’s home.  Don’t know yet!  I have my camera…and a new len…telephoto…..Yippee!!  […]

On The Road Again

Hi Folks, Well I am  on vacation.  I’m mostly visiting family but plan to do some touring.  I hope to be back in about two weeks.  Will post some more a little later on. 

A Hard Day In The Northwest

Have my posts been getting a little thin lately? Could it be because I am moving…. Yes, folks, I am getting ready to leave the beautiful State of Washington for one state south – Oregon! And, much to my surprise, my sister has informed me that a mere 25 miles from my new home was […]

See My New WP Theme!

Yes, I did it!  I love this new theme.  It is clean, crisp, AND it has tags in it. The one thing I lost was a third column and widgets. See what you think.

I’m Thinking Of Revising My WordPress Theme

I’m thinking of revising my WordPress theme.  I really like this one, but I am also real fond of the tag cloud.  However, I noticed that the tags get bigger with posts that use that tag….a couple of them had gotten too big for the columns that I have.  I took the tag cloud widget […]

Zoe Did It

Well, Zoe did it after all.  She and two of her friends (Max and Esther) triple teamed the vole who Finally  came out from behind the book case and trapped it underneath the TV stand.  Hooray for Zoe and friends!

Zoe, The Cat

Zoe is my little girl kitty that we got last winter from the pound.  I had made the mistake of going into Animal Services “just to look” at the kitties.  I had been looking for a polydactyl (six toed-like Hemingway’s cats) kitty.  So what do I see, but a little black and white kitty, with […]

A Hard Day Gardening

Well, we are finally getting around to doing garden clean-up.  Last fall was too rainy, last spring was still too rainy.  Late sping we didin’t want to disturb the beautiful flowers blooming in the garden.  So here we are, early summer and the weeds have taken over and we are trying to get the house […]