Adventures With Feedburner

Well I finally decided to figure out how to add Feedburner to my blog.  (Yes, it will be nice if someone likes my blog and wants to subscribe!) So, downloaded the plugin and moved it with FTP to my plugin section of WordPress on my server. Then,  I proceeded to install it and activate it […]

The Rose Show

Today my work had their annual rose show.  For the 7th or 8th year I entered.  Until last year, I had never gotten any of the main awards.  Now for the 2nd year in a row, two of my entries won best in category awards.  I am so pleased! It is really interesting because I […]

Do, Do, Do, Lookin’ Out My Back Door!

It’s Sunday, two days after the 4th of July and here I am finally relaxing from the guests and the craziness of fixing food for a cast of thousands (6 actually).  So, here I am sitting out on the patio, watching a juvenile Bald Eagle fly overhead, and listening to a motorize flying machine also […]

New Category Suggestion – Balancing It All!

This category was suggested by Bunny, who like so many of us is trying to figure how to balance learning new things about site building, coping with information overload and actually building the sites themselves.  I think it is a good topic since so many of us are in the same boat.  We have a […]

This Is A Do Follow Blog

WordPress and other blogs have “No Follow” as their defaul setting for reader comments.  Bloggers (and others) love “Do Follow” blogs, because they can get links back to their own sites.  However, the blog owner needs to install a plugin to allow this to happen.  The down side of doing this is spam posts and […]

Freaked Out Kitties!

It’s July 4th and for the past three days people have been setting off fireworks, freaking out my kitties. Two years ago I finally got some Rescue Remedy (a homeopathic Bache Flower mixture). I have been adding it to their water and it does seem to calm them and keep them from getting so scared […]

The Yard Is A Mess

It’s the truth, my yard is a mess. With the never-ending rains this spring, the weeds have taken over. On the other hand, my peonies have never been more lovely, nor have the roses been as full of buds. The foxglove tower to 8-9 feet and the “Love-In-A-Mist” has pushed it’s way into every free […]

Welcome To Lionmom’s Musings!

Welcome to Lionmom’s Musings!   I will be posting on anything that comes up.  That will mostly be my own adventures with Life in the beautiful Northwest So sit back and enjoy, write a comment, or just browse.