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  1. lionmom100 says

    That is a really good question. As a relative newcomer to affiliate marketing and SEO myself, I have often felt the same way. And I have a full time job as well, so my time developing stores and learning what to do is limited.

    Mark Hanson over at The Niche Store Builder had a 12 week series on building a niche empire which provided a hands on approach while at the same time learning how to streamline niche and SEO research and store production. It was very good and provided some great tips on putting what you are learning to use. I got very behind though and was only able to absorb so much. But the information is still there, and I just take it at my own pace.

    There is no one learning style. Mine is to learn by doing. I am an experimenter. So I read enough to do a job, and then I do it. Some things work and others don’t. There is a lot to learn, and I surely don’t know enough yet to do a really good job. However, I do have quite a few stores up by now and I am at least breaking even on my investment. I look forward to this getting better as time goes by.

    I will