The Home Sale Saga

Can you believe it?! The beat goes on with my home sale saga.

Well, we have decluttered, spruced up, cleaned up and in general have made things pretty with our house. After three months, still no offers. We have bought another house and want to scream. Can you say Stress!

The latest and greatest, was that we should try expanding the lawn to cater to the families with kids, thus making the house more generically appealing. OK, for us gardeners, who cut down on lawn as much as possible, this is a major renovation. We put up with a prima donna landscaper and passed. Then we got a bid from a great fellow, who was willing to really work with us and we struck a deal on the work to be done (at one third the cost of the prima donna).

He began work, taking out the raised beds and removing stepping stones and moving plants to make way for topsoil to be spread and sod laid, but a foot of snow the day after he began slowed things down — basically stopping the work for a week. Well, wouldn’t you know it, a potential buyer seems very interested in the house…this is a good thing…but she may not want Any more work done becase she is a gardener and wants to do work herself and ask for help with closing costs. However, she can’t write an offer until the end of the week, having us delay our landscaper’s work even further. This is driving me crazy and I am sure our guy. I want to be fair to him, but I also want a good offer. What’s a girl to do!! Argh!!