The Yard Is A Mess

It’s the truth, my yard is a mess. With the never-ending rains this spring, the weeds have taken over. On the other hand, my peonies have never been more lovely, nor have the roses been as full of buds. The foxglove tower to 8-9 feet and the “Love-In-A-Mist” has pushed it’s way into every free inch of garden space.

We are finally able to get out and weed, now that our winter has pushed it’s way through our two week spring straight into summer. (90 degrees was a little nicer than 45). At least my strawberries got moved and the old strawberry bed got renovated into a bed for my dahlias and a bunch of other stuff. Still, there is so much that we have not yet cleaned up. I suppose we have to do just a little bit at a time!