Update On My Home Sale

Well, it has been awhile since I talked about my house. It is going slowly. My luck was to list the house just before the housing bubble burst and it has been sitting there for two months with only a few showings and no offers.

Our broker has been after us to drop the price and my own research has shown roughly where the comparable sales are. We finally decided to do just that. So I am fairly confident that we are fairly on the mark where the current market is without sacrificing too much of what we wanted.

We reduced the price today and have a showing Friday to someone who has already seen the house twice—(That is a good sign) We will see. Things seem to be picking up as far as showings are going. I just logged onto my Squidoo, USFreeads and Craigslist accounts and posted something about the price reduction. And now I am here posting it too!!

Wish us luck!!