Winter Gardening In The Midst Of Chaos

If you have been reading this blog, you know about my home sale saga and the fiasco with having a landscaper modify a few things in my yard. Nevertheless, there are some other things going on in my garden which at least bring some bright spots in the middle of such craziness.

I love my winter garden, and right now, in mid January, my beautiful witch hazel is in full bloom with glorious yellow fringe flowers, my hellebores are beginning to bloom and my sarcacoca is showing a promise of tiny white flowers ready to bloom and send an intoxicating perfume across the yard, and the garden centers are already selling brilliant primroses ready for the garden.

And I’ll bet you thought you couldn’t have beauty in the garden in winter!! Well, I will tell you that my winter garden is one of the things I really wanted to cultivate, because I Can have beauty just when all the other gardens on the block are dormant. Where is this, you ask?? In a Southern clime, you imagine. No, I am up here in the Pacific Northwest in Washington state – soon to move to Oregon. We have a Zone 7-8 climate (cold factor in the low teens to high single digits). I am having all of these beauties, and the crocuses won’t even bloom for another two and a half months. I certainly plan to replicate my winter bloomers in Oregon.

If you like the thought of having things blooming in mid winter, check with your garden center or Extension for the types of plants that will bloom in your area. I sure love the winter interest long before the first snowdrop or crocus.