Zoe, The Cat

Zoe is my little girl kitty that we got last winter from the pound.  I had made the mistake of going into Animal Services “just to look” at the kitties.  I had been looking for a polydactyl (six toed-like Hemingway’s cats) kitty. 

So what do I see, but a little black and white kitty, with the oddest white markings on her front toes and a cute white spot on her chin–and Very, very friendly!  I was won over and  a few days later, I took her home.

And now I have this “crazy” mad cat that is all kitten and tears around the house.  She has won over my boy kitty and my other girl kitty who doesn’t like other cats very much.  She is anything but sedate, however.   For a tiny thing, she eats more than the other two combined and pushes everyone out of their food bowl, which is why our cat sitter calls her “Miss Pig Pig”

More likely – “Miss Huntress”.  She goes after voles, birds, bugs and anything else small that moves.  And she is good at it….too good!  We have found a several birds that she has gotten and she is So Proud, Oye!  The piece de resistance, was today when she gleefully ran into the house…I thought for dinner…but with a live vole that got away and ran behind the book case.  Now I have three cats sitting as sentries by the book case.  I hope this thing comes out soon and we can get it.  It sure won’t have any plant roots to eat in here….To be continued………